Our mission is to provide the highest standard of aesthetic treatments to each and every one of our patients.

Our professionals are friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about what they can do for you. We aim to provide you with the best aesthetics service possible. Smyli can offer you an extensive range of treatment options, including some of the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.



Lips are an art form. They should be plump, hydrated, luscious, sexy. Nature often gifts us with thin and dry lips, with little or unbalanced shape, that can’t be disguised no matter how much makeup we apply.
Our Aesthetic Clinicians use their years of experience and skill to carefully sculpt and volumise your lips with advanced injectable lip fillers using the key principles of the golden ratio PHI. The result is defined, balanced, and symmetrical lips that enhances your natural beauty and sends your confidence soaring.


The eyes are considered the most important feature on the face. Their ability to be a highlight of the face is diminished by lines, wrinkles, and under-eye shadows, hollows or bags. If the under-eye area, or tear trough, is not smooth and bright, it can make the entire face appear dull and tired. Tear troughs only get deeper and darker with age.
Dermal fillers can be used to raise the under eye area to be back at the level of surrounding tissue. The hollows are raised, skin is smoothed and shadows are reduced as a direct result.


Many men and women are dissatisfied with the profile of their noses – a prominent feature almost impossible to disguise. Usually, the problem is shape, rather than size. And an imperfect shape can make the nose look larger than it really is. A distinct hump, bump or hook is usually to blame. Others also find their nose too narrow or too wide for their liking.
Dermal fillers present the perfect alternative to Rhinoplasty Surgery. Skilful administration of filler allows gentle reshaping of the nose that can be very effective. Subtle changes can include adding volume to dips to straighten the profile, raising the tip of the nose to reduce a hooked appearance, and filling key points to reduce bumps or humps.


Cheeks may not be as prominent a feature as a nose, lips or eyes. However, they do play a crucial supporting role to other features such as the eyes. The ideal is usually high cheekbones that have definition and a youthful plumpness. Many find they have flatter cheekbones or have lost volume and definition due to ageing, and can end up looking gaunt. Recent makeup trends have seen artists trying to create the illusion of ideal cheeks using contouring techniques.
Dermal filler injections allow the individual to achieve these cheekbones and plumpness without the effort and talent required with makeup. The filler placed under the skin can sculpt the shape of the face to be more ‘heart-shaped’. We can restore and beautify not just the cheeks, but improve your entire face.


A well-proportioned chin as part of a good profile has always been considered beautiful. Many people may find their chin is too small, weak, or unbalanced.
Dermal fillers can be used to expertly enhance the shape and projection of your chin to suit your face. We can create a completely natural chin and even smooth out any unwanted dimpling


Everybody wants a jawline that is straight, sharp, and chiselled to perfection. Many of us are just not blessed with such a profile and the rest of us lose the tight definition thanks to ageing with gravity being our worst enemy. As we age, fat and tissue migrates and the skin begins to sag only downwards, resulting in jowls and uneven jawlines, and further volume loss in you cheeks, chin and jaw areas only adds this
We can use dermal filler to correct this issue, by creating a new jawline with a sharp yet natural triangular shape for this unhappy with their natural shape. For those who have lost definition through age, we can lift jowls and and replace lost volume, thereby successfully restoring your youthful look.


Our hands are always on show and many of us do little to protect them in the same way we treat our face. UV exposure from the sun and pollution from the air can all contribute to premature ageing of the hands. Many soon find they have wrinkles and loose skin on their hands which can give away your age even if your face appears youthful
Specialist administration of dermal fillers to the back of the hands can combat this. We can restore lost volume and bring your hands back to their former glory with plump, hydrated skin and reduced visibility of prominent veins and tendons. This treatment has the most dramatic anti-ageing effects with lasting effects.


Your brows may be neat but are they the best shape for your face? We can raise your brows so you can raise people’s brows with youthful high arches


Worried about your smile showing too much gum? Overactive lip muscles can give you a gummy smile, thin looking lips, and very little confidence to smile. Our treatment can help you relax your smile and regain that confidence.


Some people find their lips point down rather than up, whether naturally or thanks to ageing. With our treatment, we can help you turn that frown upside down.


Got a square jawline that feels too masculine for you? This is caused by overactive masseter muscles that can also cause pain from tensing and teeth clenching. Our treatment can relax this muscle to give you a slimmer and more feminine jawline and profile


We usually neglect our neck and décolletage and instead focus on the face. However the skin here is just as important, if not more delicate. It can easily become loose and wrinkly. Our treatment can rejuvenate you neck giving it a graceful and regal lift to help you look younger.


Hyperhidrosis is a common condition where people sweat excessively, even without exercise. It can be difficult to maintain cleanliness and odor, and it is unpleasant for everyone if hygiene is neglected. Our simple treatment can reduce the amount of sweat produced by overactive sweat glands – a win-win for everyone!